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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seriously laggging

It's been at least a week since I've had the energy to post. Why?! The first two times around during this pregnancy thing, life was a breeze! I was totally on top of things! And now, my fridge begs me to give it a thorough cleaning every time I open the door...I've completely neglected dusting the extra bedroom for almost a month...and there are nearly a zillion emails in my yahoo inbox. Ug.

I'll just take this time to spew. First, I had an ultrasound appointment booked for last Friday...THE appointment we were hoping would enlighten us as to the gender of baby #3. However, the medical office called to reschedule, as my midwife was assisting in a C-section. (Okay, I can't blame her...but the suspense was killing me!) Luckily, we were rescheduled for the following Monday. Or so I thought. We arrived Monday, only to be told that there had NOT been an ultrasound appointment scheduled, only the 16-20 week check up. WHAT??!! Hmph. I begged to wait for a window in her schedule, and we were able to get in 45 minutes later. However, I suspect the ultrasound tech was not too happy with her "bonus patient" because she made no attempt to get the little baked potato (I know, weird...but apparently, that's his or her current size at 18 weeks) to move into position. She said simply, "sorry, we won't be able to tell in the baby's position because the legs are crossed." Why I didn't say something, or offer to move around or drink some hot sauce or something is beyond me. I'm usually quite the high maintenance patient (make that high maintenance across the board.) But I was trying to be nice, since she had squeezed us in, and just politely hinted at our hopes....without any luck.

So, tomorrow, I'm driving over an hour away and shelling out the big bucks to find out who's inside.

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