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Monday, June 1, 2009

Where is the summer weather?

Today is June 1st. So why was last night 37 degrees? Weird. It actually warmed up today when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, but the air was pretty chilly. I'm hoping this was some sort of freak thing and we will soon see the warm weather return.

On to bigger and better things. Updates on kids...

Owen, 4 1/2:
  • He now thinks "Star Wars" is cooler than anything else (BTW, he hasn't actually seen an entire "Star Wars" movie yet)
  • Owen has already become bored with just riding a 2 wheeler (after a month and a half of learning how) and has moved on to "tricks." Yea. (Can we say skinned knees and concussions? Where is my nurse mother when I need her??!!!)
  • Suddenly, he dislikes strawberries, string cheese, and he extremely picky about macaroni & cheese. However, he's very fond of any kind of soup- especially broccoli cheddar.
  • Owen comes home this week telling me where my taste buds are located on my tongue and reciting addition equations. My baby is growing up too fast!
  • I'm very sad to report that Owen now suffers from allergies. Ug.
  • Owen loves to play soccer at home with us. However, he is NOT a fan of being on a soccer least, that's what we've tome to conclude. During his soccer games, he either plays with his shirt or his hair, watches the other games, or simply stands there and daydreams. His coach suggested he put is hands on his knees and be ready as a defender, so he literally spent the entire game hunched down with his hands on his knees- even when the ball was inches away and waiting to be kicked. The next game, the coach suggested Owen "play the line" so Owen spent the entire game literally standing on the line...walking side to side along it, but never leaving it. Hilarious! Last week, Owen actually did kick the ball - and even scored! Unfortunately, it was for the other team. But he was pretty darn proud of himself.

Caroline, 2:

  • In the crazy world of Caroline, marshmallows are the perfect way to start the day. The other morning she had snuck down the stairs, opened the pantry, and found a bag of marshmallow hiding on the back of the shelf. When I entered the kitchen, I was greeted by a very enthusiastic little marshmallow cheeked girl. (I installed childproof knobs exactly two hours after this incident.)
  • Caroline cracked the enigma of a locked bedroom door and the bedtime game, I also added a childproof knob to her room.
  • The girl was riding her trike out front this week and I was breastfeeding Hudson on the front she thought it would be a good time to try and jet on down the middle of the busy road. Can you imagine how ridiculous I looked chasing after her with a newborn attached to my front?
  • Another fun event: Caroline found a cosmetic bag in my room and took it to her room. When I walked in the room, I discovered she had wiped some sort of lotion all over her body and was then trying to wipe off the excess with a few pairs of her leggings. Unfortunately, instead of lotion, she had in her possession a tube of Mary Kay benzyl peroxide. The leggings were totally bleached out, and so is the carpet in her room. (Why did she have to use the super cute leggings???!!!)
  • Today Caroline asked to go swimming. I explained it was too cold outside, she sweetly asked, "PLEEEAAASE???" This is her new thing. I again told her it was just too cold to be in the pool, and she disappeared upstairs, returning with TWO swimsuits on- on top of her pants and top. I guess she figured she'd keep herself warm in the pool with her pants???

Hudson, 7 weeks:

  • Hudson is sleeping most of the day. He's awake no longer than an hour and a half after I feed him. He has a wake time around 7 ish every night for about an hour...and he looks around the room wide eyed and looking very cute. At night, he sleeps from about 10:30 to 5 or 6 am, waking once.
  • He's using his arms and hands more...he actually knocked over two glasses today, touching them a few times before giving them a good wack. Probably not purposeful, but still worthy of note.
  • The little coos he's making are sooooooo adorable.
  • If I put him in a sling or use the "Hooter Hider" to feed him, he's out in a matter of minutes. I just can't keep him awake!
  • He's smiling now when I do "Patty Cake" with him...and he still smiles all the time while he's sleeping.

Dinner time is still crazy.

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