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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Years' Resolutions for 2014?

Well, so much for wiping the slate clean. Getting a fresh start. Starting off on the right foot. Being on top of my game. It is two weeks - 14 days- into 2013 and already my resolution is a bust.

My biggest struggle (which I maintain is an inherited trait) is that I cannot arrive anywhere on time. Anywhere. Wait! I take that fourth child was born on his actual due date. Does that count, or does he get the credit for that???! Did you see the date of my last post? This one is nearly two years late!!!!

 I am physically unable to be punctual (and "early" is only mentioned in our house when we talk about what time the children wake.)

As I said, I blame this on a long family line of grandmother and my mother are infamous for arriving after events (like weddings, parties, and holidays) have ended. Yes, ended!  And I am carrying the torch.  I wish I could say that it is because I have four children who dilly dally or fight or have tantrums or lock themselves in the bathroom. Nope.  I was rarely prompt even before having to take children to the potty, put on their socks (six times), find the hidden keys, pack sippy cups and snacks and find blankies or DS chargers or change blow out diapers or clean off barf or slobber from myself.

 I could shower the day before, set out my clothes, tell myself the event begins hours before...nothing works. Just ask my poor (overly prompt ) Marine husband. Or my neighbors, who see me running the 80-pound double jogger every morning up our hill and slip the older two through the school doors just as the bell is ringing.

So last year, I had mentally planned and prepared for this to be my new daily resolution: arrive 10 minutes early to everything (even having dinner ready!!!!) My friends would surely appreciate not having to always wait on me. It could set a better example for my children. Cut out 1/2 the stress in my life. And keep my husband from going completely grey before 45.

My plan was simple. Just set a reminder alarm on my phone for event...every event- kids school, lunch time, nap time, library time, zumba class...all of it. I don't know what happened. Every member of our family got some form of a cold over Christmas and my plan crumbled. I was over tired and unprepared. 2013 has come and I haven't had ONE successful day. Uggg!

I am blaming Siri. Isn't she supposed to be my personal assistant? She is toast.

Can we please have a do over???

And if anyone out there has any secrets to being early - who am I kidding- prompt to all means, do share!

Gotta run. I'm late!

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