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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New foods for Hudson

Hudson had a very eventful culinary day. Today I introduced him to salmon, which I was excited to see him devour. Now his list of foods is a stunning FOUR. Today Hudson also had a few new tastes that neither of us was expecting. During lunch Caroline decided to share her peanut butter sandwich with Hudson. And like any self respecting peanut butter eater, she trained him to finish it off with her sippy cup of milk. (Eeeeeek!)
First I will vent. Ug. I can't count how many times I've talked to the kids about sharing their food with Hudson, about how Hudson's tummy is not quite ready for all the fun foods we eat (especially peanut butter!!!!), and how Hudson can only drink mommy's milk or water. Apparently, Caroline was consulting her personal parenting notes today. Glad to know I'm making such an impact!!
I had foolishly run upstairs to deliver a stack of laundry while she sat at the kitchen table with her lunch and Hudson sat in his high chair with his finger foods. I suspect that Caroline knew she was doing something taboo, as she was crying when I returned...complaining about hitting her cheek on a drawer that was ajar. She is all about playing the "I'm cute and sweet and have a boo boo so how can you be upset with me?" But I have finally mastered the art of decoding my daughter. It's all in how you ask the question. After scanning the room and seeing a happy and sticky little boy with the forbidden food I asked my crying little girl, "Did you hear mommy coming down the stairs and hit your eye as you were running to your seat? Were you feeding Hudson your food even though you know it might be dangerous to him?" Because she is two and wonderfully and thankfully and painfully honest she replies with a sniffle, "Yes!"
Of course I gave her a reassuring hug and a kiss on the injury...but she also got a repeat lesson in the dangers of being devious and food allergies. Something tells me I need to read another parenting book or something, because this kid is as stubborn and assertive as her mother.

I am happy to report that Hudson didn't have any reaction to the PB or cow's milk...yet.

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