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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My little locksmith

Today Caroline discovered a new trick: locking the door. She slipped into the house today while I was still unloading Hudson from his car seat. I followed her to the was locked. I was helpless- my arms were otherwise engaged with Hudson and Caroline's shoes. (when she can't undress completely due to car seat constraints, she opts for purging hair bows, socks, shoes, sippy cups, and anything else she can reach and throw on the floor- she's like an erupting volcano! ) I calmly ask Caroline to unlock the door (be cool or she'll know she's one up on you!) She replies, "I can't!" She rattles the knob, and turns the handle but doesn't seem to touch the deadbolt. Ug. Like a bossy parent (hm, where did she learn that?), Caroline instructs me -by yelling through the door- to "Go through the other door mommy!!" My options are limited, so I walk around to the front and try my luck. Locked. To add whipped cream and a cherry to Caroline's sweet stunt, PR is flying today and Hudson is overdue for his nap. I can only imagine what sort of adventure Caroline is having inside- raiding the pantry or my makeup drawer or something messier.

I'm thinking the only thing left to do is panic and break through a window. But wait! We live in base housing and the maintenance office has a key! I call and within 5 minutes time, I have learned a BIG lesson in homeland security and have regained access to the house.

Where was Caroline? She had stripped down to nothing and put herself down for a nap.

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