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Monday, August 14, 2017

It's been a few years and a few kids since my last post...but I've decided to resume by blogging since my memory is crap and these posts will be something I will cherish one day when my kids are out of the nest and I can't remember one detail about the little years. I laughed when looking at the picture of my oldest daughter wearing a very generous helping of mascara and eyeliner...just this week my youngest daughter decided to dabble in the art of makeup application. This scenario was doubly delicious as the makeup she raided was my eldest daughters'! Ha!! Payback!

Unfortunately, she chose to adorn herself in "all day" wear blond red lipstick, so at first sight of her, I thought we were headed to the ER. Then once I realized it wasn't blood I discovered it was akin to the pink ink stain on the dress in the Cat in the Hat...when I picked her up to carry her to the tub, my hands were also stained....then the floor, the wall, the bathtub...and no amount of rubbing with soap was effective, it just continued spreading. Now somehow Inwas covered in oily sticky red stain 😫. Amd of course all of this happens 10 minutes before school pick up. The first week of school. And I have a kindergartener. Arg. By God 's grace we have a random loofah hanging on the shower in the kids' bathroom that has never been used and, with the help of 1/2 a bottle of baby shampoo, it miraculously sends the  murderous stains down the drain. Whew. Of course this all happened within 5 minutes of her having a bath. Of course it took her less than 30 seconds. I was foolishly enjoying a rare stint of quiet and non-physical contact and getting dressed for the day. "How sweet she is to be entertaining herself in her room," I thought. Nope. Of course I took pictures. Of course I was laughing. But she did not enjoy one second of the exfoliation. I do think it will be a picture for her baby book!

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