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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Pinterest Challenge

I am severely addicted to Pinterest. I pop on to look for “the perfect gift” or best cookie recipe or DIY  home improvement...and can’t stop. I like to think that I’m creative and crafty, but most of the time I need inspiration. Like maybe even “step by step” inspiration. And that is why Pinterest has sucked me in and cannot resist it calling to me every time I see an adorable baby outfit or have a craving for something sweet from my oven. 

I’ve organized my boards into holidays and kid stuff and beauty and cleaning tips...but if I’m honest, I have a 10 to 1 ration of food boards to any other topic. Aaaaaand if I’m really showing my cards, the majority of my boards are dessert recipes. Surely it’s possible to find the world’s most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe, the deepest darkest richest flourless chocolate cake recipe, the healthiest tastiest easiest recipe for a sweet that I can pass off for a breakfast dish. And so I “pin” away. Some may have boards designated for poultry, and seafood, and dairy. I have several boards just on cakes. So I was feeling a little foolish about my somewhat skewed lineup of Pinterest interests, I thought 2018 would be a good year to test out one of my pinned ideas once a week. I will do my best to alternate between topics and not focus only on my desserts...but I’m not making any promises. I figure 2018 will be a year for testing new ideas...and as I test to see if I have a Pinterest “win” or a Pinterest “fail” (you know you’ve scrolled through pictures before of crafts and wedding cakes gone wrong) maybe it will save others from attempting the impossible or inedible. 😉

So, tomorrow I will post my first.

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