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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bunko baby!

Tonight was Bunko, which is much bigger in the south than here...every month our group eeks by with 7 or 8. What's the deal? It requires absolutely no skill- maybe multitasking, if you want to munch or sip wine or chat while you throw the dice. I'm actually pretty terrible, the Irish in me has blessed me with zero luck. Pooo! But it's still a fun night out- no kids, no dishes, and munchies- how can you beat that?! Anyway, I guess some people aren't "game people."

I LOVE games. Well, some games. Trivial Pursuit is not on my fav list...but that's because PR kicks my butt in every subject except entertainment (that's the pink one) and whatever the brown topic is. The man studied maps for FUN when he was a kid, so how can I compete with that? Plus I'm terrible with sports trivia. I am much better at those "think quickly on your feet games" like Scategories and Scrabble and Gestures and favorite is Scrabble. Not because I have a remarkable vocabulary or stellar spelling skills (if it weren't for spell check, I'd be in serious trouble.) For some reason, I just love trying to get 31 points from a four letter word. Unfortunately, PR refuses to play with me (because he can't even win when he cheats.)

I've been campaigning for a "family game night" on Sunday (it's currently "Homemade Pizza and a Movie Night" but I can only watch Toy Story so many times...) Doesn't that sound cool? Granted, there are a limited selection of games you can play with two children under 5, but Owen goes wild for Hullabaloo and those other kids Cranium games. I had a friend growing up whose family played spades on Sunday nights and I always thought that was a cool tradition. As an only child, we didn't really have any traditions...we just went with the flow. I will continue to cheer on my game night idea....even IF the Hollywood types stole it from me. I read Salma Hyak and Demi Moore play monopoly or dominoes or something. Hmph.

PS. Also tried a recipe for PF Chang's lettuce wraps. I'd share the recipe, but I'm sad to report, they were not as good as the real thing. I did do a search for the actual PF Chang's recipe (or wannabe version) and found one that had 65 ingredients. I made it once, a few years back, before kids. It was okay but totally not worth the effort. Why can't we live by a big city that has all these yummy scrummy food options? I'm stuck with diners and Dunkin' Doughnuts. Ick.

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