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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday Monday

PR's gone this week. So that means I start at least one or two new projects. I've decided this week to work on the kids' Halloween costumes and make valences for my bedroom windows (but I'm NOT committed to hang them, let's not go overboard!)

Owen's decided he wants to be Peter Pan. Excellent! We already have a Peter Pan hat and shirt costume thing...but OCD me want it to be a complete matching I'm researching costumes on ebay. And Caroline, by default, will be Tinkerbell. I've seen quite a few cute costumes from the Disney Store...but has no one thought about the poor souls who live in places where it is pretty darn chilly by Halloween? Yes, I've seen those Old Navy fuzzy fleecy costumes that look like the kid's wearing a sleeping bag. But they don't have a Peter Pan or Tinkerbell version, so I'm having to use my super creative skills. Do I start from scratch and try and make one that includes a turtleneck and warm pants, or do I buy the cheap nylon over commercialized costumes and put three layers on underneath??! Ug. I'm determined to figure out a way to make Tinkerbell cute, even in 40 degree weather.

As far as the valences go, I have the fabric and my sewing machine just came back from it's annual "check up." (I call it this because for $100, I hope they did more than just clean the fuzz out of it. ) I am just missing one key ingredient to getting the job done: motivation.

But have no fear, I have two days left in the week! (PS. Monday is really not thought about in this house until Tuesday night at I'm technically into Wednesday already. Darnit!!!)

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