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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working out with Cathe

This morning I dragged my lazy body from bed downstairs in time for the 7 am Fit TV Cathe workout. Have you tried this before? The woman seems innocent enough, she's petite and she favors 80's Madonna music for her warm ups. However, five minutes into the routine, she's jumping and lunging and twirling and mamboing and sashaying all around her step like a Jack Russel that hasn't been out to tinkle yet. Worse yet, on her "weight training days" she picks up a body bar with 65 pounds and pumps out 22 squats without breaking a sweat. Needless to say, it's an awesome workout (even if I end up winging it as the choreography gets too tricky.) I always thought I was quite coordinated. I've done step and kickboxing and all those aerobic classes without a hitch. But this woman has you whirling and jumping in so many directions, I personally feel that it is virtually impossible for the non-bionic human to ape her moves. I will only stop complaining long enough to say that it's a great workout, she does have quite a bit of variety each day of the week (weights one day, step another, then balance or hi lo or something), AND your workout is done by 8 am!

If I miss her workout and it's not a "gym" day, I do like the "In Shape" with Sharon Mann. She is a little too smiley, but I think that's her shtick. I have no idea how any person can smile like that while lunging or kickboxing or balancing on her head (okay, I made that up...but she really is very crafty!) She has one woman working on her "team" behind her named Sparky who's even worse. She does the high intensity version of the workout...she must chug the Red Bull before the workout or something, because most of the time she's just flailing her body around like a toddler playing with a rag doll. Boy am I critical today! The show is overall challenging, even if it is only 30 minutes. As far as the over excited-extra-happy face goes, she is Canadian. I've never met a Canadian that wasn't friendly and easy going, so perhaps that's the reason for the permasmile.

Or maybe she's just really really happy. I guess I'd be pretty ecstatic, too if I had three kids and still had washboard abs and perky DDs.

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