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Monday, September 15, 2008

Fight on Trojans and yeah me!

This weekend was a sleeper, but I do have two exciting bits of news to report.

1. Lazy pregnant girl did the 5K with the marines! Shhh! I know, a 5K is only 3 miles. But this was a doozie, as it was either uphill or downhill the entire run (mostly uphill.) Also, I'm pretty out of shape, running wise. However, I really couldn't complain because PR was pushing the kids in the double jogger, which pretty much weighs 70 lbs....and the little lima bean in me weighs what, 2 oz??! Needless to say, I did finish and I only needed a three hour nap that afternoon to recover.

2. Second piece of news. I was able to sit through an entire USC football game without interruption! For the most part, it's tough being on the east coast when your team plays on west coast time (if you're an early to bed girl like the preggie version of me OR if you'd like to watch the game with friends but can't because it's past the kiddos bedtime and who wants to pay a sitter when you're two doors down and they're fast asleep??)

My last attempt at watching the game was over Labor Day weekend, when we were in a house FULL of people. I'm talking the four of us plus PR's Aunt and Uncle plus a cousin plus PR's brother and sister-in-law and their six kids....BTW, this is a three bedroom A frame. (Fun times, but it definitely takes a week to recover.) So, I completely got outnumbered when it came to which game we watched. It didn't help that SC was kicking booty and we had a few Virginie fans(Virginia didn't have a chance) but also there were quite a few other games that we "had to" shuffle back and forth watching, which drove me nuts.

So, Saturday I was determined to watch and enjoy. And I did. It was actually almost painful, as in the beginning Ohio had a tough time completing anything, and there were so many penalties called. Our neighbors are Buckeyes and challenged the greatness of SC earlier in the day, don't you just love competition?! I resisted calling them at half time.

Today (Monday) was actually pretty great. I'm finally starting to feel better, got up and went to the gym, and even returned home in time to jog to Owen's school to pick him up...this is all part of my "no waddle" plan for pregnancy. I absolutely refuse to gain 70 lbs and waddle like a duck. Plus, I'm already starting to feel the tightness of my shorts at the waist and this little one growing inside me is only the size of a lima bean. Not off to a good start, missy!

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The Armands said...

Can't wait to meet Lima Bean Herschelman!