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Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend laze and laundry woes

I absolutely love Fridays. Fridays just have so much potential- the whole weekend is ahead of you, and your options are wide open. Do we make a long list of things to accomplish, take a road trip, or just lounge? This weekend we were extremely lazy. Partly because it was HOT. I'm talking kids run in the sprinklers hot. (And in September!) But mostly because I've been exhausted and uncomfortable. This third pregnancy is killing me!

I'm usually so ambitious with each day, starting with a workout, then morning and school routine, then chores and errands, nap time for the kids, and having dinner started so we can go out and enjoy the afternoon before dinner. However, for the last 4 weeks, I've been struggling through exercise workouts, sleeping every chance I get (including taking an afternoon nap as well as hitting the sack by 8:30) and avoiding most all household duties that I otherwise feel is essential for the day progress.

Take, for instance, the laundry. Wednesdays are laundry days in my house. My theory on laundry is that if you don't choose one day to take on the task, it is unending and will take over all other aspects of your life. If I start Wednesday and do all the laundry in waiting, I can actually fold and put it away and feel some sense of accomplishment (if only until dinner time and the food splashed bib is placed in the bottom of the hamper.) Well, the laundry has been calling me, but I've been quite successful in ignoring it. I figure, we all have clean underoos and socks, so it can just sit and wait until I have more energy and motivation. Though I was able to withstand the calls from the whites and darks, my husband was not so strong. So, for the last three days, PR has been diligently doing the laundry AND folding! He really is very good with this chore, I think he's not so hot on cleaning up, but for some reason the laundry is his thing.

I only wish that he would put the dang clothes away. Instead, he neatly stacks them along the hallway or atop of our dresser. A few months ago, I expressed concern about the tower of clothing falling from the top of the stairs and becoming a serious safety hazard, and PR explained that he just couldn't put them away because he didn't know where anything went. Offhandedly, he suggested that I label the drawers. Well, I just couldn't pass up that opportunity. A couple months later he was travelling for ten days or so (that's when I start my "projects") and I was feeling so crazy OCD that I decided to actually label things. I started with the dresser drawers in our room (how does he not know where his own clothes go??!!) and moved to the kids, then worked my way to the linen closet. I was SO proud of myself, in a slightly over organized, anal, sort of way.

Do you think it worked? Nope. He didn't even notice the labels until I pointed them out a few weeks later. Umph!

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