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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tumbling Tuesdays

In our house, Tuesdays are "tumbling Tuesdays." It's a plan that I devised to teach Owen the days of the week. (I thought I was soooo clever, until he came home the first day of school singing the days of the week to the tune of "Macarena." Oh well.) It's also a handy tool to pull him away from bikes and buddies playing outside when I really want him in for dinner. However, to Owen, it sounds a little more like this:"Owen, Tumbling Tuesday! Time to tumble!!!!" It usually works like a charm.

Today we didn't quite get there. This was because Owen is attempting to avoid afternoon naps and he's way too grumpy by dinner time to be conducive to my scheeming. I have meticulously worked out our daily schedule so that both Caroline and Owen nap at the same time. (Okay, so I admit preggie me also naps daily now too.) When I am my "on the ball" self, I'm able to do quite a few chores and have email time and make dinner- all while they're napping. However, this whole "I'm not napping" thing is killing me. Two weeks ago Owen decided he was done resting after 45 minutes and walked out the front door to ride bikes with friends. Let me just say that my child is not yet 4. What is going on in his head??!!! Apparently the deadbolt is no deterrent, but thankfully our storm door is very loud when it shuts, so I was awakened in time to catch him before he rode off into the sunset. It was a little hard to react. Not because I was still groggy and could hardly open both eyelids, but because I really shouldn't be "sleeping on the job." Caroline is still in the crib, so she can't escape. But since Owen has mastered the "master lock," I really am up a creek! Ug.

I suppose I either have to give up my napping or get a security system (in other words, there is no way I'm allowing him to give up his naps!) Of course, you know what they say about parenting: "Never say never and never say always!" Oops.

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