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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Bash

This weekend we celebrated Owen's 4th birthday with a Superhero themed party. It was wonderful! I work much better when I have a "theme" and can go off that for the games, activities, cake, and all that. Owen asked for it, actually. He's at that age where he just loves to dress up in costumes, as is all his friends. So that made things easy. We had the kids decorate capes and masks with stickers (the capes were just cut out from plastic round table covers and the masks I found on Oriental Trading.) I wanted to do pinatas, because I was feeling like all those "Superheros" would want to beat or bash something or someone as they were dressed in muscles and bearing weapons....and I figures pinatas were better than other party goers. However, I had a horrible time finding "villain" pinatas! And I didn't want those dressed up as Spiderman to feel threatened (or actually be threatened) if we had a "Spiderman" pinata. So, overzealous me decided to decorate plain pinatas as Darth Vader, the Joker, and Dr. Oct (the funny looking dude from the new Spiderman movies.) They looked okay, but it was a lot of time making and only seconds destroying. Oh, well. They DID coordinate!!!
I also had a little escapade for the kids, to battle each villain and find clues to lead them to their "secret liar" - where the pinatas were. It ended at the playground, and I had ordered a Zip Line so the kids could "swoop in" to battle the bad guys. I wasn't sure how it would go, but it was quite a hit!
We finished with a superhero cake- I found some great ideas online and just tweaked them to my skill level. I was a little surprised with myself, the bats looked more or less like bats, and I only had to stay up 'till 4 the night before to finish it!
By some miracle, I discovered superhero and princess Pez dispensers at a local dollar store, and threw in a red flashlight (since we're so close to Halloween) as little take homes. The flashlights had compasses and were also key chains...and I was a bit alarmed to find that they were also whistles. (Luckily, I handed these out at the END as the kids were leaving.) Unfortunately they were pretty cheap, I'm planning on calling Oriental Trading to complain. They're pretty good about making it up to you, if you've ever been dissatisfied with their products. Anyway, hope this idea might help someone else in their party planning...I've included the link to pictures in case you'd like to get ideas for your little Superhero. TTFN!

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