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Monday, October 27, 2008

Poor Me

Today I had minor foot surgery, and I am embarrassed to report that I am sulking a bit. I was told by the doctor that I wouldn't be able to exercise all week- even swim! Normally, I wouldn't be in distress but you see this Saturday is PR's Marine Corps Ball. It's a big fancy hoopla that requires a fancy dress, fancy hair, and FANCY shoes. Have you seen many attractive shoes that accommodate a large foot bandage? How am I going to pull this off??! The shoes are not my only concern. I had decided that if I was going to look a little lumpy in the ab area, I'd at least have some smokin' hot and clearly defined arms and back muscles. This meant that I'd have to do some serious working out and swimming every day this week (as I don't actually have any definition at the moment.) But I was told I can't swim, and that is by far the easiest way to get some burly triceps in lightning speed. Grr. I supposed I'll just have to sit and lift. Hmph.

On to my next Marine Corp Ball dilemma: as my belly bump has gotten a little larger, I decided last night to try on my closet full of dresses. I was seriously disappointed to discover that the dress I purchased less than three weeks ago (which, BTW, FIT three weeks ago) no longer zips. And three other dresses that I was SURE would fit this mama bump have let me down, too.
I figured out the problem: I'm carrying this little one very all those high waist dresses that "flow" (and would nicely accommodate a baby bump) are not high waisted enough. And the worst part is, the baby belly doesn't really look like a baby yet, especially in these dresses. It just looks like a lazy belly with absolutely no muscle tone and I look like I have horrible posture. Do I affix a sign so the 1,000 plus people (996 of which I don't know) realize I haven't accidentally chosen a dress that accentuates my worst feature? (Okay, so I'm not exactly Miss Trendy at the moment....but I used to be pretty good at shopping and I'd say my dresses are pretty darn hot.) Ug.

The only bonus about this foot thing is that PR made dinner tonight AND did the dishes AND put the kids to bed. Woo hoo!!!! I guess I'll take it. : )


Carolyn Spranger said...

You're crazy! I wish I was half as dedicated to looking good as you, as if you need to work out more. And your belly is a baby.. no one that looks like you has a fat belly sticking out unless there's a cute little baby in there

hollerusc said...

You are too sweet. I think the dedication is actually OCD, though. : )