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Monday, October 13, 2008


This weekend we had a wonderful Oktoberfest BBQ. I was quite proud of myself...I made sauerkraut, brats, and latkes (potato pancakes.) I tasted the latkes...pretty tasty. And I found a great Emeril recipe for the brats and kraut. I was surprised the the kraut didn't stink up my house...although the apple crisp I made while it was cooking probably helped. And our neighbor actually had a full collection (4 CDs!) of polka music...apparently they've thrown quite a few "beer & brats" parties in the past. I thought I'd include the link for Emeril's recipe, if you have the desire or event this month:

We also had great fun at a neighbor's costume party. (I should say, the kids had great fun at the party...but it was hilarious to watch Caroline dance around in her Tinkerbell costume.) The party was complete with face painting, pinatas, a magician, and authentic Mexican food (my fav.)

I've noticed at the last few birthday parties we've attended that traditional party games are making a comeback: pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and other carnival type games. What fun! I love it. Since Owen's party is next weekend, I've been doing some research on party games. Here are some links I've found:

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